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Related post: Date: Mon, 26 Oct preteen thigh photos 2009 22:25:01 -0600 From: Subject: Red 11Red by: dnrock( 11: ExcitementRuss' body was even more attractive now, than it had been those months ago, when he modelled for BIM. He had grown taller and his shoulders were wider. His upper body was beginning to fill in, with the swimming. His butt was oh so round and oh so perfectly shaped. Best of all his skin was baby smooth, with hair so fine it was almost invisible, even if it was red. His abdominal muscles were firming up and his waist was still very narrow. His nipples were still quite small but showing signs of definition. Over all, Russ is truly beautiful. His clothing hung on is body, as if designed for it. Everything fit perfectly, from his undies to his dress shirt. His gold necklace, set off his neck and shoulders. preteens nude camp The bikini style swimming suit, accented his boyhood and his long legs, perfectly. The fabrics were so well chosen, never a wrinkle or sag was seen. The material clung to his body, as if a second skin, following every contour, clearly defining his butt cleft. Something that gave Kos considerable delight.Even his name brand jeans, had been remodelled to fit, even better than off the shelf. Russ was not alone, all the society boys were dressed like he was. Kos dorki model preteen is also very handsome. He is tall and lean. The classic male triangle, with very wide shoulders, well defined pecks, titless preteen photos narrow waist and hips and a package that screamed for attention. His standard racing Speedo, clung to his body, which had lots of fine blond hair and very well defined muscles.This afternoon the Smith brothers had been giving all the girls sticky panties and the boys stiff cocks, at the local pool. Sheila and Nadine turned a few heads themselves. In the underage preteensex locker room and shower, both our boys displayed their wares, without the slightest bit of modesty. Not that they were all that modest to begin with, being accustomed to going around naked at the club, seamed to put both our boys at complete ease, in the semi public setting of a pool shower room.Following the pool, Kos drove everyone to Ice Cream Haven. Being a fresh photo preteen hot day, the parking lot was stuffed. Kos found a safe place, preteen hardcore videos to park Les' big silver car, way in the back, behind the building. Being a very hot afternoon, the line up stretched well out the door, into the parking lot. A normal situation on a hot summer day.Ice Cream Haven has just the best hard and soft treats in the world. Well, that's my take on it. I sure love the chocolate soft serve and the old fashioned, ice cream sodas.It took a while for the line to move and just as I was opening the door for Sheila, a large Hispanic looking fellow pushed turk preteen childsex her aside, almost knocking her down. This did not go well with me, at all. Ok, that is a preteens nude gratis literary understatement, I am real pissed! I am not about to be shoved aside by anyone, even if that anyone is older and larger. To me, that is a form of abuse and I don't do abuse. I preteen asian modles am even less inclined, to allow anyone to shove my girl or any of my friends aside, in such a rude manner. Me being me, did not say a word, Sheila was doing enough protesting, all on her own. Not me, I just kept my mouth shut and put my body biggest preteen archive in action. The fellow strode through the open door, I swung my right leg around, making contact with the fellow's shin, just above and ankle. A move, designed to deliver incredible pain. In fact, I broke the bone, just like I had been braking wooden planks, in class. Just like my marshal arts training had taught me, not to do. They did say we could use our skills in self defence. I figured, close enough for the company I keep. modeling preteens site This caused the fellow to go down hard, on his face, striking his head on a table, in the process.Kos was standing right behind them, he saw exactly what Russ was doing and he could also see, the rude fellow had back up, moving fast in Russ' direction. Kos moved in and managed to thwart the actions of the fellow's buddies; a swift hand chop to the throat, sent the second one crashing into the third Hispanic looking boy, that was hot on his heals. Kos grabbed the third, smaller fellow and drove his head, into the head of the larger one, who was gasping for air. If you remember the Three Stooges films, you have a good mental picture of exactly how it looked.Sheila and Nadine entered the store, stepping over Broken Leg, who was now coming around. He reached into his pocket and Russ reacted by driving his foot against the arm, mid way between the elbow and the wrist, causing more pain but not braking it, this time. "Don't filipino preteen nude even think about moving or I will brake every bone in your body, agujero del asno (ass hole).""I guess you don't know who I am, pequeño muchacho meet young preteens (little boy).""Well, that makes us even, turkey." The gang boy was slowly moving his hand out of his preteen gallery nymph pocket. Something Russ noticed and watched with care. Suddenly, the gang boy screamed, as Russ left foot crushed his hand against the concrete floor; having his fingers rapped around the handle of his small fire arm, immediately caused several of those flanges, to be broken as well. "That means you youngest preteens pictures naked lilltle preteen still have about 100 preteen lolta porn more for me to work on. I know one thing for sure, you are a fuck of a lot stupider than I thought. Move again, agujero del asno and your name will have a feminine young ebony preteens ending." This caused the boy's left hand to cover his crotch, as Russ feigned a kick to his groin. Broken Leg's eyes were now wide open and fixed on Russ. The look on his face was some pathetic too. It was a mix of pain, fear, foreboding and helplessness.All this was causing everyone to back up and move away from illegal preteen movies the impending and occurring action, as best they could. Nadine moved in behind Russ and kicked the gun away and moved over to guard it, along with Sheila. Some how she had the presence of mind not to pick it up but just place preteens outdoor her small foot over it. Finger prints would establish ownership. She watches those CSI shows too.By this time, the cops were only meters away, advancing as quickly as possible. The manager had pressed a panic button, texas preteen models next to the cash, when he saw what was taking place. The manager knew these were preteen model michelle local Hispanic gang members and he recognized the potential for trouble, when he saw it.Outside, Kos was standing over his two, daring them to make any kind of move. The other patrons, who had been in the line, began to moved off and started to scatter, not wanting to get involved in all this. To late however, the cops were now arriving.This was all very exciting and a bit frightening, especially when a search revealed, in addition to broken leg's 38 snub nose, the tall one, that Kos hit in the neck, had a large switch blade in his pocket. Fortunately, he had not had an opportunity to pull it out. Kos was ready and able to disarm this one anyway.The cops interviewed the witnesses, taking names and addresses and brief statements. They had much more to say to Russ, Kos, Sheila preteen files and Nadine. As well as, the three disabled gang members.It did not take christian preteen naturism to long for the cops to get the underage preteen portals stories recorded and send the three with EMS, under guard, to have their wounds tended. Between the security tapes, both pthc images preteen outside and inside cameras, it was very clear what had happened. Kos and Russ were quickly identified as Eric's cousins and he was summoned. When they found out Sheila was Judge Carter's granddaughter, that only added to their rather quick change in attitude.These officers knew the gang members and at first, thought Russ and Kos were part of some rival organization.Broken Leg and now Broken Flanges was very vocal in his protests of innocence and demanding that the cops arrest that red headed kid, for assault. Nadine held her peace but pointed to the 38, laying at her feet. For young lesbian preteens Russ' part he was quite proud of his handy work, reminding tgp preteens gallery the cops and Broken Leg, he was only 11 and that he was not about to answer any questions, until the child advocate and or his lawyer showed up.Broken Leg admitted the 38 was his and the manager and other staff all took Russ' side, pointing out Broken Leg had a habit of throwing his weight around, when ever he came into the store. Your author was not sure what hurt Broken Leg more, his injuries or the cops laughing at him, "the big tough gang leader, nude preteens being brought down by a white 11 year old". preteen lesbian forum He thinks it was the latter. When Eric and Sandy showed up and Sandy just sniffed him and went right to Russ and Sheila, it was like poring salt into the wound. She obviously dismissed him, as a further threat.What scared the hell out of him and his buddies, were some of Simon's comments, as he looked over the X-rays. Things like the rather to hot preteens complete job his little brother-in-law had done and the amount of preteen bikinni restraint his big brother-in-law had preteen 13yo used on the other two. "You know that blow to the throat would have killed you, had full force been applied." Simon of course, was highly professional in his ministrations to the injured. Setting the broken leg did require a rather awkward cast, do to miniskirt preteen japanese its proximity to the ankle. The 3 broken fingers, in 6 places, meant complete immobilization of the hand, for some weeks. This prevented the use of crutches, the big tough gang leader was relegated to a wheel chair. Simon managed to do this, without causing any undue physical pain.Committing a felony, being robbery with a gun, makes it armed robbery, makes it even more serious. Had the fool not discharged it, all be it into the ceiling, the cops would not have been able to prove, it was his weapon that linked him to that crime, but he had.It took some preteen sky model time but everything got straightened out. They did get their ice cream too. It turned out that the 38 had been used in a robbery, some weeks past and when Broken Leg's lawyer found out the girl, he had obviously assaulted, was Judge Carter's granddaughter, any complaint they may have had, was quickly forgotten.If Russ wasn't her hero before, he sure was now. Sheila quickly preteen model galerie forgot about Nadine and Kos. It was all preteen model girlz Russ in her mind. That did not mean, all four were not subjected to numerous admonitions about exposing themselves to danger and so on. For Nadine's part, she had a new appreciation of her young friend and a whole lot of admiration for Kos, how calm he was, how well he handled the two associates. For family incest preteen Sheila's parents part, they were of greatly mixed emotions. They sure did not like the idea of Sheila being put in danger. They were up set that she was assaulted, all be it with no real harm. They were very proud of Russ and art photos preteen Kos for standing up thumbnail preteen xxx to these bullies and protecting metart preteens their ladies. Cathair, of course, wanted to heap parses on the boys, they did just what he would have wanted to do. preteen girls shagging He refrained doing so, preteen erotica except in private. He does have to live with Lorraine. Ed was much more straight forward. He declared straight out that Russ and Kos were heroes and did just what he would have done; reminding his daughter he had done all that and more, while in the military. His service in that dirty war, as he called it, was not something he talks about.This time, when Todd Wright, the reporter showed up for interviews, he got several ears full and an exclusive too.... "Didn't you think it could be dangerous, messing with a gang leader like Lope?" (Todd) (Spanish form of Loup which is the French form of the Late Latin name Lupus which meant "wolf")"No, to me he was just a bully that pushed my girlfriend, while trying to butt into a long line." Russ said."I thought he was just being rude but when he pushed me I almost fell down, Nadine caught me." Sheila added."And then what happened, Sheila," Todd asked?"He started to push bbs dark preteen his way into the door and Russ moved like lightning. The next thing I knew, Russ was inside the door and preteen n Nadine and I were being pushed forward by the crowd behind. So we stepped over this Lope fellow and went in," Sheila explained. Nadine just nodded, indicating she had nothing to add."Kos, why did you take on the other two," Todd asked?"I saw this large legs open preteen Hispanic man and his friend, approaching from my right, in a kind of preteen slut stories `line astern' fashion. When they got up to our position and the action went down, I was concerned that Russ would be attacked, so I positioned myself to defend. They made a move toward Russ and I struck out to prevent that," Kos answered"You brought the two down with one blow, how did that make you feel," Todd asked?"At the moment I didn't think about anything but defending my little brother and our girlfriends. After it was over I felt just a bit sad that force was required," Kos replied."You mean that you felt bad for having defended your brother's honor," Todd asked?"No, Todd not his honor, his person." Kos replied."This is not a question of honor, as those gang members would like you to believe. This is a question of civil conduct. It is not a question of white and Hispanic either, another allegation being made. It is strictly a question preteen boy underwear of, conducting ones self in a civil and courteous manner," Fred interjected."Ya, that Lope fellow, just acted like preteen susie model all the other patrons were somehow in his private space and we were some how lesser persons, that must move out of his way. In fact, he demonstrated he was loopy trying to pull his gun on us," Russ said. Russ' pun made everyone smile."Tell me how and why you reacted, to his shoving Sheila out of the way," Todd asked."I was holding the door open for Sheila and Nadine, when he shoved her, almost knocking her down. Just because we are kids, preteen pic archives is no reason or permission to do that. The bastard just ignored me when I called him on pushing Sheila, so I just give him a good kick lesbian preteen art in the leg," Russ explained."Did you preteen kid pussy intend to brake his leg when you did that?" Fred was about to intervene but Russ answered before he could."No, not brake it, just hit him hard enough so he would not be in a position to strike back. When you are, at best 3/4's of the size, you must apply, perhaps just a bit more force, than you would for an opponent of equal size," Russ explained. Fred was afraid Russ would compromise his position, by admitting he wanted to injure this Lope fellow."Why did you kick his arm, when he was already down and the girls were safely inside," Todd asked?"A good question. I give his arm a hard touch with my foot, when he reached into his pocket. I didn't know what he had in there but teen panties preteen could see what ever it was made a bulge. I also told him, doing that was a very unwise move. I guess he thought, only a kid or he is not very smart, so he persisted. When I daily preteen picture saw the gun, I crushed his hand against the floor and kicked the gun away, so no one else would get hurt," Russ explained."Kos, the gang has said that will be seeking a resolution of their leader's honor. Are you concerned by this," Todd said?"What honor is their in bulling children? They alices forum preteen have a lot of work to do, since I doubt that they have any to begin with. honor is not built on the backs of children or intimidation. It is not something one starts out with, it is earned and granted by others, in recognition of that earning. Just because someone claims to be honourable or to have honor, does not make it so. This kind of attitude demonstrates only ignorance. preteen pee pee Where is the honor in demanding something, that has not been earned. That is not honor, it is self aggrandizement, preteen model alyssa probably resulting from greed and a very low self esteem." Russ explained."But are you concerned," Todd persisted?"For myself, not in the least. sexy shameless preteens For others, of course," Kos replied."Can you expand on that," Todd asked?"No, but when the best these people can do, is threaten children, using the bravado they have, in a misguided attempt to cover their embarrassment..." Kos stammered."What embarrassment, are you talking about," Todd asked?"The supposedly big, tough Lope is brought down and disarmed by a pissed off eleven year old and this art student disables his two buddies. If that's not an embarrassment to a gang, of reputed toughness, what is?""The word on the street is, Los Amigos Del Lobo has put a price on your heads," Todd stated."And that word should not appear in your story, understood. Put your notes away for a bit Todd." Fred said."That is a good way to regain your honor now isn't it," Kos quipped."I hope it is a good high one, since my Russell boy preteen erected is close to priceless." Sheila added. Sheila was snuggled up to Russ and got even closer. Nadine was sitting next to Kos and gave him a big hug."Now if any of them would like to make that threat publicly, the Organized Crime Boys will be glad to round them up. They have been looking for some excuse, for a long time." Eric added."I would not print any kind of boys tgp preteen rumour like that but perhaps others might." Todd said."I have an Idea. You could print something preteen models fun attributed to an unnamed police source. Let me see, oh yes. How about: an samples preteen video unnamed police source suggested, as soon as Lope is released on bail, he preteen oic and his gang are expected to take retribution on Russ and Kos. The gang is then expected to replace him as leader. The source was unsure how much blood that would involve." Eric looked at his dad. Fred was about to speak when Russ chimed in, "So we are `dead men walking'." Sheila was very upset by his comment."I like it son. Use it Todd. Eric is a police source after all and you are not saying it is in any way official department word, free nudist preteens just the speculation of an unnamed source." Fred said.Later that day Ruth speaking on pthc preteen underage behalf of the minors, who could not be named preteen lookalike nude publicly, stated they were not intending to press assault charges, if Lope publicly apologized for his rude behaviour. "My clients feel that pressing charges would only be adding insult to the injuries he sustained." The cops were pressing concealed weapons and robbery charges, however. Olaf then came on to read the statement of apology, on behalf of his client. Todd xxx preteen girlz was able to weave that into his story which would appear in the morning.Judge Carter was glad of this. He did not feel the need sweet preteen nudes to recuse himself from this case, since it no longer involved his granddaughter. The fellow with the knife, was released on preteen nimphets porn bail, since it was his first real offence. Lope and Olaf did not oppose the rather stiff bail requirements, ask for by the DA. That would mean Lope would spend several more days in the clink, until he was able to raise the bond money. Eric figured, he took advantage of that time, to evaluate the comments of the unidentified police source.Russ and Kos were local heroes, at least to their ladies and family. All of their friends were congratulatory. Russ was an instant celebrity, among the grade 5-6 set, to say the least. Mom and dad Smith were of two minds. They were not happy that the boys got preteen blowjobs porno into an altercation, one that could have seen them or others hurt. They were proud and relieved, not only did they both do what photos black preteens they believe they need too but that all the money for karate club memberships, was obviously well spent. The Ganymede boys and men were very proud of them and made no bones about it. It was the older men at the club which heaped praises on them the most. Many were veterans and like Ed would have done nothing less, assuming they were in shape, to still do it at all."Clarence, Amos and the other Ganymede boys were all over me, like a blanket. Not just boys my age, most of the older ones too. They just kept peppering me with questions. It took a long time for me to get everyone to understand, I did not intend to brake Lope's leg. I think if he had not been moving through the door at the time, it would not have happened. Now his fingers were another matter. When I saw that gun, I was scared as hell. I knew, what I did had to little preteen nymphet be good and had to be final. I also knew, he would be expecting my right foot, not my left. He probably had some boxing experience and figured I might lead with my left but would deliver a real blow with my right. That is one thing my karate master taught us. He taught us to deliver blows with both hands and both feet, with equal force and accuracy. Since only 10 percent are left handed, your opponent will assume you are right. That assumption may be accurate but he taught us to use porn preteen boys it, to our advantage. I guess that is how Kos learned to paint and draw with both hands. I have seen him working two brushes at once, one in each hand.Anyway, being a hero is good I guess but some times it just goes on a bit to long. Our leaders lust gallery preteens want us, all us Ganymede's to be prepared to step up, when and if needed, like Kos and I did. I know some of the more feminine boys and men are a bit hesitant. I think it was one of the older men that was instructing us, who just awesome nn preteens said, "a boy has to do what a boy has to do and sometimes that preteen polish girl means hurting others". I wanted to tell them that I had been physically abused and I know that is true and that I will never be in the position of wet preteens naked not being able to defend myself again. I didn't, Kos wouldn't let sweet preteen ass me.Kos was so proud of me. It wasn't until I saw the security tapes, that I realized just how proud of Kos, I was. He backed me up 100 percent, right from the get go. I mean, he took out two of them with one blow and that neat head butt thing. I'm sure those two were on female preteen nude mega-aspirins, for a long time. I mean gallery preteen sex it hurt my head just to watch it. preteen sven place Well I guess the Smith Brothers are not just pretty faces. We knew that all along, now I think everyone else knows preteen bra portfolio too.After we took Nadine and Sheila home, we settled in little preteen incest for one long love making time. Sheila had sure got my motor running. I'm sure, if we had been alone, she would have hopped into my polish preteens nude bed, right there and then. We weren't, so it didn't happen. The legal age for us is 14 model angel preteen in this state and we are only 11. I don't think, that is something either of us are concerned about. I mean, it is not legal for Kos and I but we do. Sheila and I love each other, I don't think legal stuff ever enters our minds. I know I'm not ready to have sex with her. She probably isn't ready for me either. forced preteen sex Sure we profess our love and I know the feeling is real. The question is love younger preteen porn or lust? Nancy explained it all to me one afternoon. I guess she is right, we are not mature enough yet, to know the difference. Since we are not sure, if it is lust or love or both, best to not test the water, to just enjoy what sexy preteen pics ever it is, for as long as we can.The older boys at the society assure me that what ever it is, it won't last. Most of them have had several girlfriends by the time they are in grade 12. One thing bothers me about this. We Ganymedes are all in love with our men. Most if not all of us get all the sex we could ever imagine. That means we don't need girls, in that love and sex equation. Some times it is just way to confusing, even for a bright kid like me.After we got home Kos took me up to his room. I was just a bit confused at first. He started to take my cloths off like he always does but this time he was kissing me all over my body. Not that this is preteen land nude new but never with this level of intensity or level of emotion. I had never seen him cry so much before. It was like he was letting out something, that had been bottled up tight inside. Anyway he got me naked and just kept kissing and licking my body. I sure love that too. I was so worked up and my penis was so stiff, I thought it would pantyhose preteen models explode. He just kept it up until it did sending about 10 ejaculations all over his shirt and pants. Then he picked me up and carried me to the bed.Kos would not let me undress him, he did it for himself nympho preteen girls but in the most provocative way he could think of. cock sucking preteen He did kind of a dance, although not to any music nn preteen links I know. Maybe to some music in his own head.Kos had me roll over and spread my legs. I was laying on my tummy and his mouth was working up my legs from the knee to the butt and then in my cleft, until his tongue pressed into my anus. naked preteen drawings I was beside myself and ready to come again, by the time he let up. He kept me in that position and after greasing us both up, slid his long had cock into my hole. He supported his body on preteen little pedo his toes and hands and thrust into me, by working his hips back and forth. I don't think his legs or back moved at all. Sometimes his head preteen lesbian movies dropped and he would kiss the back of my neck. I kind of like this but I like to feel his body against mine too. Anyway he came inside me and I could feel each and every shot of semen, filling up my bowl.He knelt on the bed with his butt in the air and his face pressed into the covers and I fucked him. I was in a real rush and just went at him with fast short strokes, spilling my ejaculated into his ass as soon as possible.We lay together for a long time, just feeling each other's presence. With no real communication we just got up together and went into the bathroom.Just before we drifted off to sleep Kos said, "I was so scared something would happen girls preteen pics to you Russ. Promise me you won't ever do anything stupid. Promise me you won't ever leave me and we will always be together, you know brothers and lovers, promise.""I promise, but does that mean we will never have boys of our own to pass these necklaces on to?""I guess we will just have to get new ones for them." I just kissed him and he kissed me and we kept on kissing for a long time. All I know is I never felt so preteen models electra loved and so wanted and so secure, as I did laying next to Kos. Sure it was lust but surely it was naked preteen chinese one hell of a lot more than that."
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